Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Pink Hair

Hello! This post isn't strictly illustration-related, and I do hope you won't mind the fact that my blog is increasingly resembling a sort of online diary. 

Well, I dyed my hair pink. I've been thinking about dying it for AGES, and it was a snap decision yesterday afternoon. Strangely enough, I rather like it. Colour has started to mean a lot to me - mainly because I got fat a few years ago, and started wearing NOTHING but black. It was almost like I was in mourning - a fat Miss Havisham in widows weeds - grieving her thin self. Urgh, it was horrible. I was going to write an angry book on the crushingly sizist attitudes of society called 'the fascism of skinny', or something equally melodramatic. But then I forgot about it. 

(I hate these Weight Watcher-esque, Fat Camp proclamations) but over three years I lost five stone, and I've started wearing colour again. In fact, I'm on the brink of promising myself that I'll NEVER wear black again. Hence, the pink (or, well, purple really) hair...


  1. So no more picking up plain, black, shapeless jumpers in charity shops then? :P xx

  2. Looou! Miss Enigmatic and I were just talking about you!!!! How are you, sweetheart?

    Uhm, yeah....I did say on the 'brink' of promising myself I'd never wear black ;) Lovely to hear from you! xxx

  3. You are so brave dying it pink!! It looks amazing. I've wanted to dye my hair pink for so many years. I reeeeally want it to be pale pink like those Toni and Guy adverts in magazines, but I haven't found the guts to do it yet lol :-)

  4. Ooh yes! That would be lovely. (I ABSOLUTELY think you should do it!) I love that delicate lilac colour, too.