Monday, 10 January 2011

Post-christmas apathy.

Well, before new year I forced myself into a flurry of organisational overhaul, in the hope of heading into 2011 Feng Shui-ed, streamlined and full of tranquility. I even filed my tax return.

So far though, instead of placidly allowing itself to be beaten into submission, 2011 has turned out to be wearing a stocking over its head and wielding a crowbar. 

Let me explain... 

Funny isn't it, how early January has such a bleak, grey atmosphere about it. I'm not sure if it's the overwhelming feeling of that blank expanse of year, waiting like a tiger's mouth to swallow you up, or a tsunami blood sugar crash after all those christmas Quality Street.

I have found though, that January ennui is made infinitely worse with a slipped disc. Yes, dear Blogsters, I have spent the last week slumped on the sofa amid intermittent agony and painkiller induced hibernation. (Thanks to my wonderful doctor though, I'm starting to feel much better - so I no longer have an excuse to spend all day watching DVDs and eating ice cream). 

And it was today I noticed all the abandoned christmas trees littering the pavements - surely nothing expresses new year apathy more depressingly. I like christmas trees. I think there's a magical quality to them - something more mysterious than what's imparted by baubles and a wisp of tinsel. I think Tove Jansson wrote that you can find goodness hidden inside christmas baubles. So, all this provoked me to ponder - why is it that the things we love intensely are the things we throw away? Toys, bridesmaid dresses, christmas trees...

 One wonderful thought that haunted me over christmas was the idea of my book wrapped and waiting under christmas trees. For instance, courtesy of the magic of Facebook, I know there was at least one copy of The Wychwood Fairies under a tree in Brisbane, Australia. (I just HOPE it wasn't thrown out the next day). 

This is the first artwork spread from the book (minus text). I'm working on a second book at the moment - if I can shake off the New Year Apathy long enough to get any actual WORK done.


  1. Good grief, I’d get a new doctor immediately! What’s wrong with DVDs and ice cream, may I ask?

    It is grim though, all that stuff we throw away.

    Good luck with the willpower x

  2. Thankyou - I need it! My main problem is that there's nothing wrong with ice cream and DVDs. I'd much rather be lazy all day than, y'know, WORK x