Friday, 21 January 2011

Polar Bear in a Party Hat.

So, with two exciting (and scary) meetings looming in the near future, I'm working away on some sparkly new picturebook ideas. One could potentially be a christmas book, and I'm having lots of fun gathering research and doodling away in a dusty old sketchbook. Most of the book would take place at the North Pole, hence the Polar bear. Despite the party hat, I find Polar bears one of the most depressing animals imaginable. Those pictures of them, forlornly bobbing around on tiny, melted icebergs make me want to rip my own heart out and throw it in a freezer - to atone for being human, and therefore an oil-guzzling, tree-incinerating, fossil fuel-igniting Polar Bear homewrecker. If it wasn't for the sneaking suspicion - that round the corner from the Polar bear trying to balance on an icecube, was one happily rolling around making snow angels, I'd start a pilgrimage to the North Pole right now. 

Anyway, my excessive guilt aside, I came across the cutest picture of a baby polar bear, and decided to re-draw him with rosy cheeks and a party hat. (He still looks quite glum though - not sure he's at an especially good party). I don't think he'll be included in my pitch, but thought I'd post him up all the same...


  1. Thanks Thomas, so glad you like him! (Am slightly starstruck that you like him actually) :)