Friday, 17 December 2010

Snowglobes and The Agency

Well, thankfully, I haven't exploded, and I can FINALLY share the news I was so excited about - it's simply that I've found the most wonderful agent - Hilary Delamere at The Agency

I'd spent a week hauling my portolio around London literary agencies, before I finally ended up on The Agency's doorstep. (In true Dickensian fashion, in the snow). I'd found traipsing around agencies quite a surreal experience. They were all in the West End - a place where, as little as 4 years ago, I was working as an assistant designer at Arrogant Cat and intern monkey at Alexander McQueen. I had no IDEA, back then, that in such a short time I'd be looking for a literary agent. 

Anyway, I'd heard (I think everyone's heard) wonderful things about Hilary, and I'm absolutely thrilled to be represented by her! I've signed my contract, and braved the local post office (which, because of the christmas rush, seems to be constantly bordering a state of riot).

I also have the promise of a VERY exciting meeting in the new year, but I'll keep quiet about that for now. It occurred to me that it's been a long, long time since I put any illustrations up - so here's a rough christmassy(ish) character idea I'm working on for the meeting...


  1. Ah and congratulations!
    Ah and Alexander McQueen???

  2. Thankyou! I saw the portrait of Lee McQueen on your blog and was going to comment and tell you - but I thought it would just be a bit annoying! The whole experience was WONDERFUL (and slightly awful at the same time). He had a stuffed reindeer in the hallway of his house (as a christmas decoration, I think).

    F xx

  3. Annoying? Why? No, of course it wouldn't be :)
    It would be very pleasant.

    How long have you beed working there? So interesting. It's really amazing that you have an opportunity to work with such a legends.I am not sure it is possible here in Russia, though maybe I am wrong...
    Stuffed reindeer? I can imagine...too much to me, but he's Alexander McQueen.


  4. I was just there for about 6 months - fashion was NOT for me, so I ended up illustrating instead. I've always wanted to visit Russia - it's a very beautiful country I imagine?

    The stuffed reindeer was a little much, but yes - being Alexander McQueen I suppose he could get away with it. (Poor man - I miss him too).

    F x

  5. Oh 6 months! I see.
    Oh is he good in 'chatting'?
    Oh yes, it was too early to leave us...

    Well I haven't seen your fashion, but your World of Illustration is magical of cours
    (well, you know that as I told it already).

    Ah welcome to Russia! :)not in winter if you don't like cold and minus 20 (though it's not always like that in winters).
    I like Saint Petersburg...a little bit sad city, more calm than the capital, a little bit grey with a lot of interesting architecture.
    'Welcome in, welcome in, shame about the weather' :)

    O Gosh, a lot of words, sorry-sorry!

    I've always wanted to visit wonderful Great dream.

  6. I'd absolutely LOVE to go to St Petersburg! One day, I will :)

    You should definitely come to visit Great Britain and see London - the galleries are to die for, Edinburgh - forbidding and slightly magical, and Brighton - crazy nights and lovely shopping! ;)

    He was NOT good at 'chatting' he seemed shy, and we weren't allowed to talk to him anyway. He also seemed sad and trapped. (Which I suppose he must have been, given what happened).

    (But the loss of Lee McQueen aside) I hope you have a lovely christmas, Karina!

  7. ... CONGRATS! only found your blog via your FB profile. Here's to great new beginnings in the New Year!