Thursday, 21 May 2015

Gosforth Park First School!

Yesterday I paid a visit to the reception classes at Gosforth Park First School. Their lovely teacher, Mrs Renwick, emailed to say that they had been looking at 'The Wonder' and to ask if I'd pop in to see their displays and role play areas. Well, of course I was delighted! They had made an AMAZING mural based on an illustration from the book, and each student had contributed... 

So much work had gone into making it (I got slightly teary). There were also fantastic role play areas based on the art room and science class scenes... 

And leading on from this the children had started learning about Picasso and Matisse - even though they're only 5! Mrs Renwick also had very interesting things to say about how looking at illustrations in a detailed way builds comprehension skills, helping children make inferences from text later on. 

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