Sunday, 1 May 2011

10am drawings....

This is a little notice to everyone who's been generally lovely and supportive about my 10am drawing project. Rather wonderfully, the project has led to other things, and I'm now so completely snowed under with work, I simply don't have time to produce drawings just for fun, (and can't post up commissions on account of copyright). So that, unfortunately, is it for the 10am blog posts. (I'm still going to produce drawings before 10am, I just can't show them). 

A huge thankyou to everyone who's taken the time to comment, retweet and be generally supportive - especially all my lovely friends via Facebook. You're awesome *tearful, Oscar acceptance speech voice* I LOVE YOU ALL.

Hope to pick up where I left off, one day..


  1. Best of luck with your new commissions. Your goal was a challenge and a half and reckon you've done really well to keep it up for the past 30-odd days!

  2. Ah, I really enjoyed doing it! WISH I could keep it up for the whole year :( thanks for the luck, and do keep in touch xxx

  3. that's wonderful news Faye - good luck with the new commisions. It's been lovely following your morning creations and fantastic to see something more come from them for you.

  4. Aww, thankyou very much! xxx