Saturday, 26 March 2011

Day 3

I won't pretend this one wasn't a NIGHTMARE to try and finish in time - and was made much, much worse by the fact I haven't touched watercolours in about 4 years. Anyway, it's (sort of) done and dusted, and now I'm going to spend a lovely non-illustration Saturday shopping... (possibly with a couple of glasses of wine thrown in) *happy face*


  1. This is a great idea... I've been wondering about setting myself some kind of similar challenge. I love things like that! Can't wait to see what else you create over the year!!

  2. This is so cute Faye love it.. did you change your name or am I imagining things lol?!

    Enjoy your Saturday, I'm having a lovely non-work day too :)

  3. Thanks Katriona! I'm finding it a useful way to stop panicking about illustration - just sitting down and working away without agonising over it all, so I can thoroughly recommend illustration challenges!

    Thankyou and yes I did change my name :) Hurray for lovely non-work days!