Sunday, 14 November 2010

The Beginning of Winter.

I thought that I couldn't start this post without mentioning how truly, utterly, frostbittenly cold it is. I live in a drafty little Victorian cottage with no heating, and I can assure you it is absolutely OFFENSIVELY cold. The sort of cold that I'm thinking of writing a strongly-worded letter to god, or the government, or father christmas about

The mornings are worst. Waking up snuggly in a blanket-cocoon, and having to edge out into a pitch black morning which is cold enough, I'm sure, to give a polar bear hypothermia. (Or at least a sniffle). I AM staring to wonder if I haven't actually managed to END UP in the Victorian era by some mistake - I wake up expecting the water in my ewer to be frozen, and to be served gruel for breakfast by candlelight, before a long day plaiting squirrel fur in the workhouse.
Enough now, I think you probably understand what I'm trying to get at.
Things have started to quieten down with the Wychwood events, which is one reason for my little blog lapse. Although last Saturday, I went to a most wonderful toyshop - Treasures in Wetherby. Unfortunately, I only have one photo (I inevitably get too busy and forgetful to take photos when there are children around). It was a wonderful afternoon
though, with lots of little girls coming in fairy fancy dress, and taking part in the treasure hunt.

(Update) Zhara the lovely lady who owns Treasures has just been in touch and sent some more photos, so here you go!

I'm rather scared and excited, because I have a meeting with a literary agency on Friday. The 'Up North' to London train tickets were RIDICULOUSLY expensive, (which is yet another thing I'll mention in my strongly worded letter to god, the government, or father christmas). At the moment, I'm busily drawing characters from a picturebook idea to show them. I wrote (most) of the picturebook text on a train journey to Edinburgh a few years ago, then it languished, forgotten for about two years, before I picked it up, dusted it off, and finished it last week. I'll perhaps post some illustrations up here after the meeting - do please keep your fingers crossed for me!

Lastly, one good thing about it being so ABOMINABLY cold, is that it provides a convenient excuse for mulled wine (which contains oranges, and I need all the vitamin C I can get, right?) pre-christmas mince pies (surely the dried fruit inside counts towards your 5 a day?) And being slatternly in slippers, PJs and a stupid amount of jumpers (which is exactly what I'm doing now...)


  1. I think I'm going to pop on an extra jumper now after reading that! Toastie wishes to you Faye, keep supping the mulled wine...

  2. I hope the meeting went well on Friday?! Your description of the house made me instantly think of 'Time Tangle' by Frances Eagar.

    Keep taking the Vitamin C in the most enjoyable ways possible :)

  3. Ahh Nix, it isn't until THIS Friday *panics*

    Thankyou so much for sending me Janey Louise Jones' details - I'll definitely drop her a line!

    Hope all's lovely with you :)

  4. Good luck Faye. Hope it goes well

  5. Thanks Linda! Richard mentioned you all moved down to Brighton a couple of weeks ago?? Lucky things!