Friday, 29 October 2010

Wychwood and the Pageant of Light.

This is just a quick post, with a couple of little pieces of news...

Firstly, (and perhaps most surprisingly) I'm at home on a Friday night, making a batch of fairy cakes. Over the past month, the weekly preparations for each Wychwood event have been exactly the same. First, comes the baking (which generally consists of splattering pink icing all over the kitchen). Then, cutting out treasure-hunting cards (my carpet has become permanently littered with the residual confetti-shards of cardboard). The day itself means dragging innumerable bags, boxes (and a tiered cake stand) to the bookshop in question, shedding
a trail of coloured pencils along the way, and looking like some sort of harassed, fairy-obsessed bag-lady.

Thankfully, I usually have someone to help me haul all the Wychwood paraphernalia from place to place. Tomorrow, however, is my first attempt to drag my workshop bags all alone. (Argh!) All will be well that ends well, though, as I'm heading to the (lovely) Waterstones, in the (admittedly rather grim) Middlesbrough. I'll be there from 1 until 3 - there'll be fairy face-painting, treasure hunting, glittery craft activities, signing and storytelling, so if you're in the area, do drop by!

And hold onto your hats, because my second piece of news is EVEN MORE EXCITING...

In my little town of Saltburn-by-the-sea, there's an annual Pageant of Light. It's a family event, and is, essentially, a lantern-lit procession through the woods. The procession includes fire-breathing, juggling, music, performance art and it culminates in a spectacular fire sculpture (see photos). This years theme is Peter Pan and, having heard the plans, it promises to be absolutely spellbinding. It's to be held this Sunday (Halloween) and starts at 5.30pm.

I won't ruin the surprise, but there will be a group of fairies (me included) handing out Fairy Wish vouchers. I'll post some more information on this next week, along with photos from the event. (Suffice to say that Wychwood is going interactive - in a small, but hopefully rather magical, way).

Lastly, a friend of mine will be performing in the pageant of light. Here's a sneaky (and somewhat incongruous) little look at a fire show he gave at a party I threw in August. Thankyou again David for making the film.


  1. It looks fantastic Faye. And I have a lovely picture of you wafting around leaving Hansel & Gretel trails of glitter wherever you go. The blog is brill, I love it!

    J xxx

  2. Oh I'm so glad you like it James! (I'm afraid I've only just found your comment, I forgot that I changed the settings to moderate posts). I enjoyed dressing up and sprinkling glitter everywhere last night - there were so many people, and they all looked so happy. Think I might have caught a cold standing outside on an October night in a tutu, though... xxx