Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Web Banner

I've finally managed to finish some new work! This is a web banner for the lovely Claire Massey, for her blog 'The Fairy Tale Cupboard', which you can see here:



  1. gorgeous work, for a gorgeous lady, by a gorgeous lady! xxx

  2. Cass, you're an adorable poppet, as always! xxx

  3. Great job Faye - yummy, spidery, twiddly bits. She'll love it I'm sure.

  4. Thanks Lynne! I'm pretty addicted to twiddly and spidery, and it's been lovely to do something OTHER than the book! xxx

  5. I do! I'm very excited about it! Thank you again Faye - you are a star!xxx

  6. I'm glad you do! You're welcome and thankyou for the link xxx

  7. This is lovely.... how much do you charge???? I want a blog banner as lovely as that!

    cielo, the fairy at the house in the roses

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